DiskoBay Dress _Short from DELEITEWEAR
DiskoBay Dress _Short from DELEITEWEAR
DiskoBay Dress _Short from DELEITEWEAR

DiskoBay Dress _Short


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • MIL
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • LOCP Produced in Europe
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

This dress has something to tell you...

Hey! I'm a unique positive impact dress. I have been made for your delight. While wearing me you will discover a new way of dressing ;)

I'm made in Madrid (Spain) by strong amazing women, recovered victims of traffiking.

I'm made from rescued quality fabrics. This means the lowest carbon footprint you can get! 100% upcycled.

In a previous life, I was previously a fine hotel linen made out of high quality combed cotton, sometimes mixed with polyester for wrinkle reduction and higher resistance. I was unluckly discarded because of tiny imperfections. Now, thanks to Deleitewear, and thanks to you (the wearer), I am reincarnated into the perfect white summer dress.

Wearing this dress will support women empowerment and the social inclusion of people who are struggling. #dresstoimpact


Designed to flatter all body types. Because every women's body is a work of art, natural, as it is.

There is a limited edition of these 100% upcycled dresses. In this case, we have rescued high quality bed linen and transformed them into the most versatile dresses. You can wear them with sneakers for a street look, match it with some boots for colder days or go for a total summer outfit... You style it!

If you are unsure about the fit you can check our size guide

Let's enjoy life together!

DELEITEWEAR is a hip and sustainable Spanish fashion brand that gives pre-loved clothing a second life by upcycling it.

Fair trade: The atelier that makes the clothes is located in Madrid and was founded by a partnership of women committed to empowering other women. They help women at risk of social exclusion make clothes and teach them about sustainability principles. For example, several women are employed who have previously been discriminated against because of their gender or age. Deleite visits the studio regularly and works closely together with them so they can learn from each other.

Environmentally friendly: Deleite uses old garments and gives them a new life. The material supplier is a Spanish NGO, which collects unwanted clothing all over Spain for resale or donation. They hire people at risk of social exclusion and support them by providing new opportunities for people and clothing.

Locally produced: the items are made in Spain, within Europe.

Good cause: both the studio and the material supplier support people at risk of social exclusion. These people are offered the opportunity to work in a pleasant and fair environment.

Practical information

Shipping fee: £4.27 in the UK.

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Address: No physical store.

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