Adriatic Apple Tree Onesie from La Queue du Chat

Adriatic Apple Tree Onesie



Certificates: Global Organic Textile Standard Fair Trade International SA8000

Available sizes:
1 M 3 M 6 M 18 M 24 M

Short description

Cloud cream onesie in 100 % organic cotton with its lovely adriatic blue print. Envelopp neck for sizes 1-3 months and snaps at the back for all other sizes.

  • 100 % organic interlock GOTS certified (smiles and well-being guaranteed !)
  • Our fabric is super soft and long lasting, because quality matters
  • Printed inside label at the back because it matters to be soft all the way
  • Our prints are PVC-free + biodegradable poly bags = 100 % happiness
  • Fairtrade certified as we also care about the men & women who make our clothes

Source: La Queue du Chat

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La Queue de Chat is a French brand for baby- and kids clothing. La Queue du Chat has been contributing for 16 years to respectful and responsible fashion. 

Ethically produced: All the clothes are made in a workshop in Umergam, a small town located in India. The workshop, established in 1998, works exclusively with organic cotton. The premises offer a clean, bright and spacious working area. Beyond a legal minimum wage, the workshop is a pioneer in the development of a wage well above this requirement (the "Living Wage Benchmark" is a wage scale well above the legal minimum set up by Fairtrade Textile Standard). Currently 17.5% of the employees already benefit from a salary above the LWB, and within 6 years all employees will benefit from it. The workshop is GOTS, Fairtrade International and SA800 certified. La Queue de Chat uses only GOTS certified organic cotton from Northern India. It is cultivated by 400 small producers, grouped in an association. This association buys the organic cotton at an average price of 80% higher than traditional cotton and 25% higher than the market price of organic cotton. 

Eco-friendly: La Queue de Chat uses only certified organic cotton and all their packaging is biodegradable and compostable. The wastewater of the production is all treated on site in order to reuse it for gardening or flushing toilets. Each year, the workshop invests a little more to reduce its environmental impact. For example, since 2016, they have turned to solar power to reduce their energy dependency.

Support the local community: The cotton association provides technical assistance to organic farmers and to those who convert to organic farming.  The association supports the poorest families by providing equipment that reduces their work time (biogas tank, for example). It also allows small producers, who have on average less than one hectare of land, to make their voices better heard by the public authorities (obtaining electricity, a dam, etc.). Finally, the association promotes organic farming through the dissemination of information and is an important local actor in the fight against the use of GMOs. 

The workshop supports a local environmental organization (RUR) that deals with waste management in the surrounding communities through the donation of tools and funds. It also helps a local orphanage with the support of its clients including La Queue du Chat.

Practical information:

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