Navy Blue And Beige Cashmere Embroidery Shawl from Heritage Moda
Navy Blue And Beige Cashmere Embroidery Shawl from Heritage Moda

Navy Blue And Beige Cashmere Embroidery Shawl


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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

A classic, timeless shawl in navy blue and beige colors. It is adorned with paisley patterns made using Kantha hand embroidery.

The exclusive artwork in long-lasting Cashmere Pashmina fabric makes this scarf cum shawl an heirloom candidate. This shawl will go pretty well with all types of dresses.

Source: Heritage Moda


  • Limited Edition
  • Ideal for spring, autumn, winter
  • Coloured with azo free dye
  • Handmade tie-dye patterns
  • Pashmina fibre is gently hand combed each spring from Changthangi goats' winter undercoat
  • End to End creation time is almost 5 months
  • Handspun and Handwoven
  • Lightweight makes it a versatile accessory, which is easy to carry around

Material: 100% Pure Pashmina (rare Grade A Cashmere from Ladakh, India).

Available in two dimensions: 100 cm 200 cm/ 39 in 79 in | 70 cm 200 cm/ 28 in 79 in

Care: Dry clean only.

Note: There may be slight color difference due to lighting used in photography.

Heritage Moda has a collection of beautiful, unique scarves of high-quality Cashmere from India. The scarves are made by hand using traditional production methods. 

Fair trade: Heritage Moda does not work with factories. They work with artisans in Kashmir, India who work from their own homes. Heritage Moda ensures that these artisans receive a fair wage for the work they do. For many women in India, this system works very well as they can take care of their families from home at the same time. It also worked well during the lockdown that the artisans could continue to work from home.

Environmentally Friendly: Cashmere fibres are hand-combed by nomadic herders (Changpa community) who own these special goats. The goats and nomads live side by side and depend on each other for their livelihood. This is their traditional way of life.

Good cause: Heritage Moda partners with a non-profit organization in India (No Yatra) through which they plant a tree for every purchase

Practical information:

Shipping fee: £5 in the UK.

Customs Taxes and Duties: This product is shipped from India so you might have to pay customs taxes and duties upon arrival of your package.

Delivery time: up to 15 business days.

Address: No physical store

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