KI Aromatherapy for Immunity from Skin Matter
KI Aromatherapy for Immunity from Skin Matter
KI Aromatherapy for Immunity from Skin Matter

KI Aromatherapy for Immunity




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Why we love it: Camphor, tea tree, mountain ash, thyme, because healthy is beautiful!

This natural elixir that is formulated with a precious blend of camphor, tea tree, mountain ash and thyme essential oils infused into almond oil to promote immunity.

For All Skin Types · 100% Natural · Vegan · Water Free · Cruelty Free · Essential Oils

Made in Lithuania

Source: Skin Matter

Key Ingredients

Camphor Essential Oil with its potent antiviral and natural antiseptic qualities is also reputed to prevent virus infections while strengthening the immune system.

Tea Tree Oil reinforces and stimulates the immune system to increase its ability to fight off infection.

Mountain Ash stimulates the immune system as well.

Thyme Essential Oil possesses warming, stimulating qualities that purify and boost immunity.

Your Ritual

Safe and effective way to prevent and treat emotional ailments for adults. Can help to strengthen the immune system and avoid respiratory diseases. Stimulate certain body points by lightly rubbing in order to awaken our body’s internal resources. Essential oils accelerate the supply of oxygen to the body cells, which improves metabolism and body’s regenerative processes, it boosts the well-being and helps in faster recovery.

Pour 3-4 drops of the essential oil blend into your fingers or hand. Avoid direct contact of the pipette with skin. Gently rub into the chest and upper back 3 times a day. Use continuously for 1-3 weeks. Suitable for everyone from 6 years old.

Full Ingredients List

Cinammomum camphora leaf oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, thymus vulgaris flower/leaf oil, satureia montana oil, geraniol, limonene, linalool, citral.


Recyclable brown glass bottle, plastic dropper and paper cardboard box.

You & Oil is a female-founded cosmetics brand that only develops products from organic plants, essential oils, and plant extracts whose bioactive power has been scientifically proven. You & Oil collaborates with the Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology and the laboratory of Biochemistry and Technology of the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forest Sciences, to research new ingredients. 

Fair trade: Fairly produced in Lithuania.

Environmentally friendly: They only use natural ingredients.

Locally produced: Locally produced in Lithuania.

Vegan: This brand is vegan, and doesn't test on animals.

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Skin Matter is an online skincare & self-care shop. They were founded in the heart of Berlin on July 1st, 2020. It is their mission to bring your skincare routine to a totally different level. The founder Olga Zilinska wants to give a voice to the truly innovative, indie brands from Europe. All the brands on her website are cruelty-free, and use natural ingredients.

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