Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess
Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess
Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess
Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess
Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess
Raguel | Hemp blouse from you are a god-dess

Raguel | Hemp blouse


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • MIL
  • ANF
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • LOCP Produced in Europe
  • MIL Eco-Friendly
  • ANF Vegan

Short description

For a full moon party, a walk on the beach, a hiking trail through the woods or for a romantic picnic. This hemp blouse Raguel is oversized and falls smoothly around the body. The knob is made of wood and the collar stands nice and upright. Flirt with the buttons open or close all the buttons during a more chic evening. Wear this shirt the way you like: cool, sexy, adventurous or businesslike. Big plus: hemp blouse Raguel probably suits your girlfriend just as well. So you can share this blouse wonderfully.

Meet Archangel Raguel: the angel of justice and harmony. Raguel wants to inspire you to live your best possible life so that you walk your designed path.

Source: you are a god-dess

  • Female-founded

This fabric is made of 100% hemp. Grown and woven in Europe. It is strong and has a somewhat stiff appearance. By wearing the item it gradually becomes softer. This fabric is raw so not painted or bleached. It has a stonewash effect.

Flourish with hemp clothing You are a god-dess’ clothing is designed for you to feel confident, passionate and joyful. For you to live like the god or goddess you are, with admiration for mother earth. You are a god-dess creates hemp clothing that you can wear actively during a lifetime. Clothing that is biodegradable, circular and locally produced, so you can live from the heart and connect to yourself, others, and the universe. 

Fair trade: The clothing is produced locally under fair working conditions in the Netherlands in the Atelier Made Here. The materials are partially sourced from Europe, and partially from Nepal, China and India. 

Environmentally friendly: You are a god-dess mainly uses hemp for their collection. They use a hemp and cotton blend from Nepal, a 100% hemp fabric from Europe, a recycled hemp fabric from China and a blend from hemp and organic cotton made in China by a spinner audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. Hemp is a very sustainable material, that doesn't need much water or pesticides.

Vegan: The brand is completely vegan.

Locally produced: The brand produces in the Netherlands.

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Practical information:

Shipping rate:   €13 in the EU.

Delivery time: Products are made-to-order, so the delivery time is about 3 weeks.

Returns: 7 days return period.

Address: No physical store, but you can visit Amersfoort to try on the product.

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