Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top from Asneh
Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top from Asneh
Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top from Asneh
Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top from Asneh
Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top from Asneh

Ballade Blue Gretha Batwing Silk Cashmere Top




Available sizes:
One Size

Short description

This fine knit batwing top is pure elegance and ease. It is very easy to wear and the high quality yarn and knit will ensure that you always look well-dressed.

Source: Asneh

Asneh’s Gretha sweater is an easy wardrobe essential. Spun from silk that’s woven with touches of cashmere, this fine and light knit has a loose fit with modern batwings. It drapes beautifully and can easily be worn under a jacket. It has a high gauge and doubled ribs to for maximum quality and shape. We recommend styling yours with tonal trousers and shoes or with very colourful slim fitting trousers – lots of jewellery optional.


Composition: 70 % silk, 30 % cashmere. GOTS certified.

Colour: Ballade Blue

Fit and Size

One size model, based on M/L. Loose and casual fit. Will fit sizes S, M, L, XL. Model is 170 cm tall. We have garment measurements to help guide you.

Measured across shoulder and arms from one arm opening to another: 104 cm. Width at hem: 112 cm. Length: 60 cm.

Asneh believes in artisan skills, which is why almost all of their products are handmade. In their opinion, this gives a better quality product, and is also much more environmentally friendly. Asneh is a real slow fashion brand that maintains a combination of a permanent collection of which more products are produced when they are sold out, and the occasional new collection. They do not believe that clothing should only be worn for one season. The designs are timeless.

Fairly Produced: The items are ethically made in India and Nepal. The people in Nepal earn above the minimum wage, build up a pension, are paid when they are sick and there is school support for people with children. The workers in India receive a fair wage. Asneh only works with people they know in places they have visited themselves to inspect people and build relationships. They choose not to outsource this.

Environmentally friendly: Asneh mainly works with cashmere. The cashmere partly comes from Ladakh, in the north of India, as has been the tradition for centuries, and partly from Mongolia, this cashmere is GOTS certified. Every product states where the cashmere comes from. In cashmere production, the goats need decent living conditions to produce good cashmere. Cashmere is produced very differently from regular lambswool or merino wool, as the animals are only used for the wool, so the welfare is very important. In addition to cashmere, the Nepalese production location works with silk from China and cotton (not organic) from India. Asneh is also working on improving their supply chain here and making it more transparent, so that they have better insight into the production of these materials and whether this is done fairly and sustainably.

The items are shipped in carbon boxes made of 90% recycled carbon, 100% recyclable.

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Practical information:

Shipping rate: Free in the EU.

Delivery time: The product will be shipped within 3 days. Arrival time depends on where it needs to be shipped to. Products will be shipped from the Netherlands.

Address: No physical store.

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