Bamboe leggings licht taupe from Created by Earth

Bamboe leggings licht taupe


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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

Deze kleur valt moeilijk te omschrijven, licht taupe benadert het het beste, neigt wellicht ook wat naar donker beige. Thought is het label waar onze bamboe leggings vandaan komen. Al jaren maken zij mooie en aparte kleuren die jouw combinatie persoonlijk kunnen maken.

Bamboe is zeer geschikt voor leggings omdat het enorm zacht is voor je huid, in dit geval voor de huid van je benen. Het knelt niet en dat is erg fijn voor je bloedsomloop natuurlijk. Deze leggings blijven mooi in model, glad om je heen, ook na verloop van tijd.

Source: Created by Earth

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Thought is a clothing brand founded on the beaches of Australia. The idea is to develop simple beachwear made from hemp and Ramie (sort of nettle). What started as a small sustainable company quickly grew into a worldwide success. The 'thoughtfull clothing' that they produce are all made from sustainable materials, for example bamboo, hemp, organic cotton (GOTS and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified), polyester from 100% recycled PET, rayon and Tencel (wood-based materials) and wool which has been obtained in an animal-friendly manner. Thought has implemented a code of conduct to ensure that all clothing is also produced under fair working conditions. The GOTS certification guarantees that products made from cotton also involve fair trade.

NOTE: Although a large part of the clothing is appropriate for a vegan lifestyle, some products use animal-friendly wool. As a result, this brand does not bear the label "vegan", but often the clothing is vegan.


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