100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose from Bedstraw + Madder
100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose from Bedstraw + Madder
100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose from Bedstraw + Madder
100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose from Bedstraw + Madder
100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose from Bedstraw + Madder

100% Compostable Knicker Lilac Rose


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Certificates: Global Organic Textile Standard Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

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Replenishing our earth’s soils to capture carbon and combat climate change.With help from our partners Oshadi, Fibreshed and RADDIS we’re regeneratively cultivating our cotton to create carbon positive fashion.From field to fabric: it takes a village. Planted and nurtured by local farmers, our rain-fed regenerative organic cotton is traditionally hand-woven and dyed using plants that are gentle on your skin.A super comfortable fit, compostable elastane and trims make this a fully compostable, ethical addition to your sustainable clothing.DetailsSustainably made from start to finish:Naturally botanical dyes - Madder (Pink)+ Vembadam (Lilac)100% chemical free. No bleach, no synthetic dyesMade from regeneratively farmed, traceable cotton100% biodegradable. From soil to soilOrganic cotton natural rubber elasticOrganic cotton gussetOrganic cotton label printed with vegetable inkCarbon positive packaging made from recycled materials.
Join the regeneration generation, supporting farmers and artisan communities in Southern India.Find out more here.

Source: Bedstraw + Madder

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Bedstraw + Madder is a story of revival - of the land, the biodiversity and the crafts & techniques that have been around for centuries. But it is also a story of people; namely the farmers, spinners and weavers and seamstresses that make this all possible. Bedstraw + Madder stands for intimates with integrity. This is uncompromising underwear made with conscious cotton. 

Ethically produced:  The items are fairly produced in Sri Lanka. They have been working with this workshop for 15 years, which is SEDEX and Platinum WRAP certified. The employees receive a fair wage. The dye house and artisans based in Erode, India are paid fairly and can decide for themselves when they come to work on the day, for example to avoid the hot hours.

Eco-friendly: The label produces regenerative, organic cotton in India. They lease a piece of land there and grow the organic cotton from seed to plant. This cotton due to the way it is grown sequesters carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil and helps combat climate change. Their first acreage sequestered 2.5 tonnes of carbon. The cotton, is planted and cared for by local farmers and is then traditionally hand woven and dyed with vegetable pigments. Bedstraw + Madder is a zero chemical and zero bleach company.

Vegan: The items are completely vegan.

Good cause: Bedstraw + Madder supports several charities, such as the Lady Garden Foundation, to raise awareness for gynaecological cancers.

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Shipping costs: €14.05 in Europe and £2.99 in the UK and free for orders over £40.

Shipping time: 5-10 business days in Europe, and 2-5 business days in the UK.

Address: No physical store.

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