O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat
O.G. Legging from Feva Sweat

O.G. Legging


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • ANF
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • LOCP Locally Produced (Europe)
  • ANF Vegan

Short description

Our O.G. leggings. Reliable, Practical, Graceful. An everyday legging that you will choose time and time again. Whether you want to exercise, relax at home or have a casual day out, this legging is ready for anything. Our leggings are designed to shape the waist, legs and bum. The carefully structured waistband, bum scrunch and leg panels enhance comfort, shape and style. A smooth black fabric makes up the body. The waistband is made out of thick, functional elastic that stays in place and never slides down, even during your toughest workouts. Colourful piping runs down the side of the leggings, adding sculpt and character. Our high quality fabrics are sourced from Milan, Italy and our clothing is manufactured in London, UK.

Source: Feva Sweat

  • Female-founded
Material & Fabric
  • Fabric processing in Italy
  • Made in the UK
  • Vegan

Made up of 98% Elastine

Feva Sweat is a high-quality sportswear brand. The brand started as an idea between friends to start a brand that helps individuals to find comfortable activewear that fits them perfectly, encouraging their devotion of physical activity. The brand wants to be as transparent as possible to their customers, and create high quality products for a fair price. They also give the option to create custom-made garments for you on a made-to-order basis.

Fair trade: All the products are produced in a small factory in Whitechapel, London UK. The factory consists of a small team of garment technologist who produce the collections of Feva Sweat in small editions. Feva Sweat visits this factory very often en can ensure good working conditions. The materials are sourced from Italy and the UK and are also produced fairly.

Eco-friendly: Feva Sweat doesn't use sustainable materials yet. Right now, their collection consists mostly of nylon and lycra. However, they do intend to switch to more sustainable materials such as recycled material. The brand is still very young and needs to find the most cost-efficient way to be sustainable. Even though the material is synthetic, it is made by a fabric manufacturer that uses high-tech techniques that makes sure that no dangerous chemicals are used, that all water is treated after use, and that 82% of the water is recycled. Feva Sweat also has low CO2 emissions since the brand sources their materials close to where they produce, and they use no plastic in their packaging.

Locally produced: The clothing is produced in the UK and the materials are sourced in Italy and the UK.

Vegan: The brand is completely vegan.


Practical information:

Shipping rate:

  • UK Standard: £3.99
  • US: £12.99
  • Australia: £15.99
  • EU: €4.95

Delivery time: 3-7 business days in the UK, 10-14 for the rest of the world.

Address: No physical store.

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