Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex from JEKKAH
Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex from JEKKAH
Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex from JEKKAH
Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex from JEKKAH
Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex from JEKKAH

Manchester - Long Sleeved Shirt - Unisex

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Short description

Long Sleeved Shirt. Original style re-designed for SS22 luxurywear, handcrafted in Ghana with authentic African wax prints. This item can be worn as traditional wear or casual.

Source: JEKKAH


  • Olive wood buttons
  • Satin binded original design
  • Smooth color quality
  • Durable wool feel
  • Comfortable elasticity
  • Moisture absorbent

TR Fabric: 65% Polyester 35% Viscose blend
Wax Print: 100% cotton cloth

Machine washable at 30/ Dry Clean friendly/ Do not Tumble Dry.

A new feature in the SS22 collection is the 'tailored made' option for our new released products. For a small addition on the regular price we get in touch with you to measure your size and have the items made for the ultimate fit. Select the 'tailored made' option when choosing a size. Keep in mind that an order with a tailored made item takes up to 3 weeks including postage.

Every JEKKAH item is unique and handcrafted, items might slightly differ from pictures on the website.

JEKKAH brings African culture to your wardrobe! 'JEKKAH' is taken from the Wolof language, a language spoken by more than 10 million people in West Africa, mainly in Senegal and The Gambia. It stands for 'being beautiful or elegant' and 'being well dressed'. JEKKAH started out with a modest market stall in Camden Town, London in 2013. Now they can expand their reach into the underground scene around the world. It was the founders' mission to brighten up the landscape with the colors and prints of the African home continent.

Ethical production: The old collections are made in Gambia, Banjul. Now, JEKKAH only works with Akwan2fo in Assin-Fosu, Ghana. The makers there receive a living wage and work in a pleasant and safe workplace. The workshop in Ghana just has two tailors and a foreman sitting in a workshop that could fit five workers. The place is well lit, clean and well ventilated. The workshop in The Gambia was less transparent about the working conditions and for that reason this collection is not on Project Cece.

Supporting the local community: JEKKAH represents the African diaspora around the world, creating a brand that values ​​and aligns with the culture. By collaborating with talented local makers, JEKKAH contributes to the well-being of these local communities. All garments are produced in The Gambia and Ghana by trusted tailors and the wax prints are sourced from local merchants, keeping the supply chain and economy within the community.

Environmentally friendly: JEKKAH is working hard to make their supply chain more sustainable. At the moment, they still use a lot of polyester and non-organic cotton for their materials.

Practical information:

Shipping rate: €12 (£10) worldwide and free shipping on orders over €180 (£150).

Delivery time: Orders are shipped from Ghana on Friday, DHL then takes 2-3 days for worldwide delivery.

Address: No physical store.

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