Limited Edition Pink Bark Dyed Organic Cotton Knicker from Bedstraw + Madder
Limited Edition Pink Bark Dyed Organic Cotton Knicker from Bedstraw + Madder
Limited Edition Pink Bark Dyed Organic Cotton Knicker from Bedstraw + Madder

Limited Edition Pink Bark Dyed Organic Cotton Knicker


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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • MIL Eco-Friendly
  • ANF Vegan

Short description


The first product in our basket range of limited edition and one-off pieces using natural dyes.

Each item celebrates the power of plants and craftsmanship.

Each piece a unique work of art. ​Providing you with a completly chemical free experience. Clothing that has a positive effect on the environment and actively revives it. And natural plant pigments that support your body too!

Our pink bark dyed organic cotton knicker is everything you could want from an everyday knicker – soft, comfy and 100% chemical free.

And everything you don’t? Removed. It’s back to basics. Back to nature. Classic style gives just the right amount of coverage.

Source: Bedstraw + Madder

Material & Fabric
  • 100% natural materials


Classic brief – 96% organic cotton, 4% biodegradable elastane. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

100% naturally dyed, zero chemicals.

Machine wash at 40 degrees – no more, no less.

Zero harmful chemicals and zero compromises, plus organic cotton natural fibres that are good for you and for the planet. Read more about how we create our clean colours here.


We thought you should know...

When we set up Bedstraw + Madder, we did so with a commitment to transparency in every aspect of our business. Our aim is to create 100% biodegradable products with zero harmful chemicals.

We achieved this with our first launch of the Farm to Fibre knicker. However, due to an error with our manufacturing partner in Sri Lanka our latest drop of the GMD (garment dyed) knicker contains polyester thread. While this thread makes up only a tiny fraction of each naturally dyed garment, it does mean that this drop of knickers is no longer 100% biodegradable.

In the spirit of our " zero waste" fully transparent philosophy, we are committed to making this run of products available, celebrating the beauty of plant dyes, the softness of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton fabrics and 100% biodegradable elastic.

Bedstraw + Madder is a story of revival - of the land, the biodiversity and the crafts & techniques that have been around for centuries. But it is also a story of people; namely the farmers, spinners and weavers and seamstresses that make this all possible. Bedstraw + Madder stands for intimates with integrity. This is uncompromising underwear made with conscious cotton. 

Ethically produced:  The items are fairly produced in Sri Lanka. They have been working with this workshop for 15 years, which is SEDEX and Platinum WRAP certified. The employees receive a fair wage. The dye house and artisans based in Erode, India are paid fairly and can decide for themselves when they come to work on the day, for example to avoid the hot hours.

Eco-friendly: The label produces regenerative, organic cotton in India. They lease a piece of land there and grow the organic cotton from seed to plant. This cotton due to the way it is grown sequesters carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil and helps combat climate change. Their first acreage sequestered 2.5 tonnes of carbon. The cotton, is planted and cared for by local farmers and is then traditionally hand woven and dyed with vegetable pigments. Bedstraw + Madder is a zero chemical and zero bleach company.

Vegan: The items are completely vegan.

Good cause: Bedstraw + Madder supports several charities, such as the Lady Garden Foundation, to raise awareness for gynaecological cancers.


Practical information:

Shipping costs: €14.05 in Europe and £2.99 in the UK and free for orders over £40.

Shipping time: 5-10 business days in Europe, and 2-5 business days in the UK.

Address: No physical store.

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