Feeling Creative? Creative Fabrica provides all you need for your next DIY-project

Melissa Wijngaarden

Feeling Creative? Creative Fabrica provides all you need for your next DIY-project

One thing about us: we don’t gatekeep. So when Creative Fabrica reached out with an exciting update for DIY-ers and small business owners, we wanted to share it with you too.

Besides also being based in Amsterdam, Creative Fabrica is a treasure trove for digital assets. Through their platform, you can find everything you need to make a success out of your next project; from fonts to graphics and even crafting templates.

Recently, they launched Creative Fabrica Studio. This new online design tool is looking to make it even easier to bring your vision to life, both your professional and personal crafts!

So where do we know Creative Fabrica from?

For those of you who are not yet among the over 4 million users of the platform; Creative Fabrica is not just a marketplace.
It's a comprehensive ecosystem for creatives and creators and offers an array of digital assets, including fonts, graphics, and crafting templates. 

Through their membership, you get unlimited access to an extensive content library.
Extra fun? Because there are so many people creating content, the library keeps expanding and you’re likely to find anything you need for your projects!

With their latest tool Creative Studio, they make it possible to create into this library without needing external software.

What can you find on Creative Fabrica?

  • Fonts and Graphics: Creative Fabrica offers a diverse range of fonts and graphics that cater to various aesthetics and themes. Whether you're looking for something modern, whimsical, or classic, there's something here that fits the bill.

  • Crafting Designs and Templates: Not sure what your next DIY project is going to be or already picked your next creative project and looking how to best approach it? Creative Fabrica provides a big range of free crafting designs and free templates.

  • Creative Studio: A design tool to make it super easy to bring your projects to live!

So what’s the fuzz about this new design tool?

There’s multiple reasons why we like the new design tool:

  1. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are thousands of templates to pick from (even more if you have Creative Fabrica’s All Access Subscription).
  2. With Studio’s new AI tool, you can just write a prompt and it will start creating for you.
  3. Already got a start? You can easily upload your own designs into Studio.
  4. No drama about licensing and copyrights; everything you create in Studio is yours to use, even if you want to create that huge billboard with it!
  5. There’s a YouTube channel with tips & tricks.

How to use the new design tooI?

Creative Fabrica’s new design tool turns all of its users into creatives. The tool makes it super easy to start creating and sharing your crafts.

  • For DIY-projects: Using the new design tool, you can easily steal the show at your next family reunion with custom T-shirts, personalized greeting cards. You can either start from scratch or select one of the thousands of templates!

  • For Small Businesses: Imagine next Holiday season, you wrap all gifts into customized paper. Or even better, every online order you send from now on will now come in unique packaging that perfectly matches your branding. Or promotional materials exactly the way you like it? With Studio you can easily design it. Your designs all come with a commercial use license and thus you can legally sell products made with these designs!

The team behind Creative Fabrica

The team behind Creative Fabrica is as impressive as the platform itself. Its founders Roemie Hillenaar and Anca Stefan actually were looking for such a platform when they ran a creative agency and struggled to find designs that matched their vision. After struggling with this issue for years, they decided to build the tool themselves and Creative Fabrica was born.

The platform now has over 4 million users and with the release of the Creative Studio, they hope to help even more people tap into their creativity.

Dive into Creative Fabrica today, and see where your creativity takes you!





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