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Upcoming Legislation in the EU Explained: The End of Fast Fashion?

The EU is getting tired of the fast fashion industry and the effects it has on people and the environment. And so, they launched a set of rules to curb the negative impact businesses have on the environment and human rights. With all these headliners popping up, it may be hard to keep track; so we highlighted some of our favourites here. Missing one you would like to learn more about? Hit us up! We love to dive in!

Is Neem London Launching the Lowest Carbon Emitting Shirt In The World?

The brainchild of former Moss Bros and Charles Tyrwhitt director, Nick Reed, new menswear brand Neem London is on a mission to irrevocably change the fashion industry for the better. Forget fast fashion, this innovative brand is here to stay, and make a positive impact on the planet.

H&M's Circular Design Story Collection & Greenwashing: the good, the bad and the ugly

As part of H&M’s Innovation Stories the company launched a collection focused on circularity on the 9th of December. The pieces of the Circular Design Story-collection look incredibly fun and influencers all over Instagram are posting pictures in the cute circular outfits. On the moment of release, there was actually so much interest that the website collapsed! But, how good is the collection actually in terms of sustainability? Is it greenwashing or are we witnessing systemic change? Let’s zoom in on the good, the bad and the ugly of H&M’s Circular Design Story-collection.

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