Why join Project Cece

Project Cece was founded with the mission to make it easier for consumers to buy fair and sustainable fashion. The platform now has over 300 sustainable webshop partners leading to more than 50 000 ethical products.


Project Cece is recognized as an authority in the sustainable fashion community, and brands and stores affiliated with Project Cece strengthen their sustainability claims by passing the impact analysis.


Project Cece isn’t a shop itself, or dropship-platform, we send the visitors directly to you where they can make the purchase. This will allow your brand to have its own terms when it comes to shipping and returns, and might also retain some visitors for future purchases.


By joining Project Cece your brand will:


  • Be introduced by a sustainable audience of 50k monthly visitors.

  • Increase its ethical brand awareness.

  • Increase revenue on your own webshop.

  • Be part of the Project Cece community, where we will happily use our network to support your brand.

How to join Project Cece using Impactbytes

Joining Project Cece is easy. The whole onboarding process takes an average of 2 weeks, from approving your brand, to having your products online on the website. To make the integration as easy as possible, we’ve developed Impactbytes: An affiliate network and (sustainability) data aggregation platform.


Impactbytes does the following things:


  • An extensive sustainability check to make sure you meet the values of Project Cece. You can find the sustainability criteria of Project Cece here.

  • Provide you with affiliate tools to track sales from Project Cece.

  • Provide you with a dashboard, where you can easily see all the sales that have been made through Impactbytes, and give you the option to indicate returns and pay invoices.

  • Create a data feed of all the products on your webshop using a web scraper that updates the product data everyday. This data will be enriched with the sustainability data from the sustainability check.

To join Project Cece you only need to be on the free plan of Impactbytes, this means that your products will be promoted by Project Cece and by other partners from Impactbytes (such as Ecosia), and that you can use the affiliate tools from Impactbytes to make a commission based partnership with one of our publishing partners.


If you upgrade to the (paid) standard version of Impactbytes:

  • You have unlimited use of our affiliate tools and affiliate network. Which means you can try to start affiliate collaborations with all the partners in our network. You can also use the Impactbytes platform to make commission based collaborations with publishers in your own network by letting them sign up to Impactbytes.

  • You can use the data feeds we have created for you for integrations with other parties, such as Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, etc.

  • You get extra promotion on the Project Cece platform and partner channels.

If you would like to join our platform please sign up at Impactbytes for the plan of your choice.

Pricing and terms of joining Project Cece

Impactbytes is an affiliate platform, so you pay when a purchase is made through the platform. For the free basic version you don’t have to pay monthly fees. The standard version comes with a monthly fee.


We try to be as accessible as possible so that every sustainable brand can join. However, there are some sustainable, technical, and practical terms a brand must meet to join Project Cece and Impactbytes.


The pricing:

  • We ask for a one-time integration fee, for setting up your brand on the platform. This fee includes building the product feed, doing the sustainability assessment, providing you with affiliate tools, and a social media announcement across all our channels.

  • Once you are on board, you pay a commission fee for every purchase made after referral from Project Cece, or the Impactbytes full access data partners. Returns are of course excluded.

  • If you choose to upgrade to the paid standard version of Impactbytes there is a monthly fee of €65 on an annual basis (€75 per month on a monthly basis).

The terms:

  • The brand (or brands in case of a multi-brand shop) must align with the sustainability criteria of Project Cece.

  • We offer tech support for the following e-commerce frameworks:
    • WordPress/Woocommerce
    • Shopify
    • CCV shop
    • Lightspeed
    • Squarespace
    • Bigcommerce
    • WIX
    • Prestashop (limited tech-support as this is self-hosted)
    • If you have a custom webshop or work with a different e-commerce framework we can only provide you with a general affiliate program. You will need the help of a programmer to install this.

  • Project Cece is active in Western Europe, to make the user experience pleasant, we only show products on our country-websites for which a store has a shipping fee of 15€ or less. Collaboration is therefore not possible at the moment if your webshop doesn’t ship to Western Europe for less than 15€.