Why work with Project Cece?

Project Cece offers a unique marketing opportunity for web stores that target the conscious consumer. The visitors of Project Cece belong precisely to this target group. Project Cece is therefore an ideal link between the relevant web shops and their target group. Project Cece promotes the supply of the relevant products on your website in three ways:

All products are shown to an increasingly large group of conscious consumers

Project Cece had more than 31,000 visitors to the Dutch platform in May 2019 and the number is growing every month. Project Cece is active in Germany and the UK, where the number of visitors is also growing. By working together with Project Cece, all products from your webshop are displayed and shared with this growing group of European consumers.

Project Cece helps to increase the brand awareness of your web store

A major advantage of displaying your products on Project Cece is that the name of the web store is frequently found in the positive context of fashionable, conscious and innovative clothing providers. Project Cece therefore offers a way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. In addition, Project Cece will also share your shop or brand via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Project Cece newsletter at the start of a collaboration.

Project Cece increases the findability of specifically searched articles

In addition to increasing the general findability of the store, Project Cece increases the findability of specific items in the store range. Consumers can enter directly into the Project Cece website which articles they are looking for and filter on them. If your shop offers this searched item, it will be displayed directly to the user. This way your articles will be automatically displayed when users are looking for such articles. For example, the consumer does not first have to visit various web stores one by one, with the possibility that the item will not be found on your website (for example, if the consumer ends the search before reaching your store). The chance that these specifically searched articles are found in your web shop is therefore increased by showing the products on the Project Cece website.

What conditions must your web store meet

Every online store that wants to join Project Cece must produce their products in an ethical and responsible way. We look critically for each web shop to see if it matches our values ​​sufficiently, and if so, we show our visitors an accompanying text explaining why and how the ethos of the brand matches our values. Transparency is very important at Project Cece, so we provide as much information as possible about the brands to our website visitors.

Certifications are an advantage but not mandatory. We understand that obtaining certifications is for some brands not yet feasible due to the costs, or if it is not relevant to their product. If you believe that your products have been produced in a fair and sustainable way, then we are happy to start the conversation.

What are the costs?

Project Cece works through affiliate marketing. This means that we receive a commission for purchases made after referral from our platform. Since we know at Project Cece that it can be very expensive to connect to an affiliate network, we have set up our own affiliate network with no extra costs. For many e-commerce frameworks (such as Shopify and Woocommerce), this is easy to implement through the admin without the help of a web builder, but it is also possible to implement it on custom websites.

You do not need to deliver data feeds to Project Cece. We work with web crawlers with which we can copy the product data ourselves without extra action or effort from you. We ask for a small start-up fee (the amount depends on the size of the store). The one-off start-up fee cover setting up the data feeds, the affiliate plug-in and the shout-outs on social media.
At Project Cece we offer no additional costs besides the start-up fee. There are no monthly fees and you only have to pay if a purchase is made. No cure no pay!
Interested in a collaboration? You can reach us at [email protected]
Or you can register your brand immediately by filling in the assessment form.