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Terms and Conditions Project Cece


These are the general terms and conditions of Project Cece Holding B.V. ("Project Cece"), a company with address Oetewalerstraat, 83, Amsterdam. Project Cece is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 73906077.



  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all services of Project Cece, to every agreement concluded between Project Cece and a User (as defined below) of our website https://www.projectcece.nl (the "Website") and all legal relationships and (legal) acts arising from them.

  2. By using the Website and the services of Project Cece you accept to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  3. "Users" means all natural persons and all legal persons who visit the Website, log in to the Website, and / or the use, share and / or post information provided on the Website.
  4. Project Cece will send the general terms and conditions free of charge on request. The terms and conditions are also available at https://www.projectcece.co.uk.
  5. The above definitions are used as both singular and plural terms in these general terms and conditions.


Project Cece


Project Cece offers an online platform for fair and sustainable clothing. The company offers an online platform where fair and sustainable clothing from different web shops is collected on one website. Project Cece is not a webshop and therefore only shows the products, the actual purchase is done at the webshop where the product is sold.


Use Website


  1. The User must comply to the law of the United Kingdom and other applicable laws or regulations when using the Website.
  2. User may not upload the following on the Website or distribute via the Website:
    1. Plagiarism and / or previously published content without mention of the owner;
    2. Pornographic videos, images or other media with an erotic content;
    3. Texts or images that are offensive, racist, discriminatory or spread hate;
    4. Unsolicited advertising (spam);
    5. Wrong or misleading information, and / or Viruses, malware, spyware or other software that is intended to cause damage to our or other Users' computers.
  3. User may not create an account under someone else's name or present him or herself in a different way to someone else.
  4. User may not approach other Users for commercial purposes other than for which the Website is intended.
  5. If the User wishes to report another User abusing the Website, the User can send a message to [email protected].
  6. Project Cece reserves the right to adjust or omit the information provided to the User before it is made known to Users and / or is published on the Website.


Intellectual property


Use of the information on the Website is free as long as you do not copy, distribute or otherwise use or misuse this information. Furthermore, you may only re-use the information on our website in accordance with the rules of mandatory law. Without explicit written permission from Project Cece or the provider of the information (eg. Stores, brands and bloggers responsible for the information), it is not allowed to reuse text, photo material or other materials on this website.




  1. User must be at least 16 years old to be allowed to create an account.
  2. The user must protect the login details of his/her account against others.
  3. User must keep his password strictly confidential. Project Cece may assume that everything that happens on or with the account of the User is done by the User or under the supervision of the User.
  4. If the User thinks or knows that his account is being misused, the User must report this to Project Cece as soon as possible. Project Cece will take appropriate measures in that case.
  5. The User is responsible for his behavior and any data, text, files, information, usernames, images, photos, profiles, graphic arts, copyrighted works, links and other content or materials.
  6. The User is responsible for the confidential data that he provides to Project Cece or for omitting confidential data.
  7. Project Cece is entitled to determine at its own discretion whether an account will be granted.
  8. Project Cece has the right to modify or delete accounts, profiles, data and other information at any time. In addition, Project Cece has the right to deny Users access to the Website for a limited or indefinite period of time.
  9. If Project Cece is of the opinion that the User violates the law or these general terms and conditions, Project Cece may (partially) exclude the User from the Website. Project Cece can, for example, exclude the User from the Website by:
    1. deleting the User's account;
    2. or by blocking parts of the Website for the User.




  1. Project Cece is not a party to the agreements concluded between Users and is therefore not responsible for the agreements between Users. In the event of a conflict, Users must resolve this themselves.
  2. Project Cece is not liable for damage that is or may be the result of any act or omission as a result of the information on the Website or that of:
    1. linked websites;
    2. and / or inaccuracies in the information made available by us.
  3. Project Cece is not responsible for errors and / or irregularities in the functionality of the Website and is not liable for malfunctions or the Website being unavailable for any reason.




  1. Project Cece uses cookies to improve the website. For more information about this, our cookie policy can be consulted.
  2. Project Cece saves user data with permission, more information about how Project Cece handles user data and user data can be found in the Privacy Policy.
  3. Project Cece saves the images that are uploaded in the Project Cece search function. How this data is handled is described in the Privacy Policy.




  1. Complaints submitted to Project Cece will be answered within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt.
  2. The right to (partial) refund of the price or compensation will lapse if the complaint is not reported within the stipulated period, unless the nature of the case results in a longer period.


Involvement of third parties


  1. Project Cece is entitled to engage third parties where necessary in the performance of the services. Project Cece is not obliged to inform the User personally about this. Use of the services of Project Cece implies that the User authorizes Project Cece to accept any liability limitations from third parties on behalf of the User.
  2. Project Cece takes the utmost care when engaging third parties. However, Project Cece is not liable for the acts or omissions of these third parties engaged, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Project Cece.




If a provision of these general terms and conditions proves to be void or non-binding, Project Cece and User are still bound by the other provisions of this deed. Project Cece will replace the invalid or non-binding provision (s) with a provision that is binding and the scope of which is as similar as possible to that of the provision (s) to be replaced, taking into account the purpose of these general terms and conditions.




Cece reserves the right to unilaterally adjust, supplement and / or change these general terms and conditions at any time. The most current version of the general terms and conditions can be found on the Website.


Other provisions


Project Cece may make adjustments to the design or functioning of the Website at any time, including the underlying technical mechanisms. These general terms and conditions not only apply to Project Cece, but also to other persons who are involved or have been involved in the use of services or on whom any liability in this regard rests or might rest. This also applies to their legal successors under a general title.


Applicable law and forum choice


These general terms and conditions, and all non-contractual rights and obligations arising therefrom, are governed in all respects by Dutch law. All disputes between Project Cece and Users will in the first instance be settled by the competent court of the Amsterdam Court.



For financial or legal questions our contact address is:

N. Veenhoven
Oetewalerstraat 83
1093 ME, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
[email protected]


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