11 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands (For Guilt-Free Swims)

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11 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands (For Guilt-Free Swims)

Getting ready for summer and your next swim in the sea? Exciting… except for the fact that traditional swimwear is TERRIBLE for it!

So, let’s add the missing piece (or two-piece) to your ethical wardrobe.

We’ll show you what makes swimsuits and bikinis more eco-friendly, how to find the right one for your style and ethos, and 11 of the best sustainable swimwear brands out there.

Ready to dive into it?

Why are traditional swimwear brands not sustainable?

Cheap fast fashion swimwear hides a HIGH environmental cost.

Because it needs to be both stretchy and water-repellent, it’s mostly made with synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex. 

  • Polluting and carbon-heavy production – These fabrics come from fossil fuels (a non-renewable resource), and polyester alone is responsible for 40% of fashion’s emissions!
  • Microplastics – When washed, synthetic swimwear contributes to the 1.4 million trillion plastic fibres in the ocean
  • Not biodegradable – That fast fashion bikini that you bought on a whim 5 years ago and binned after one summer? It probably still exists. In fact, traditional synthetic swimwear can take hundreds of years to decompose!
  • Unethical production – Fast fashion swimwear is made to fall apart after a few wearings, and it’s usually manufactured by brands hiding dodgy supply chains, like sweatshops and child labour

Model wearing traditional swimwear while lying down on a plastic sheet

Can swimwear be eco-friendly?

Unfortunately, the fact that swimwear needs to be stretchy and water-repellent makes this tricky.

However, you can certainly choose more sustainable swimwear brands and materials.

What is the most sustainable swimwear fabric?

It’s hard to pinpoint the most sustainable swimwear fabric because they all come with some pros and cons. 

Overall, the most sustainable swimwear brands tend to use:

  • Econyl – A popular sustainable swimwear material that comes from pre- and post-consumer plastic waste (like fishing nets)
  • Recycled polyester – Also made from existing plastic instead of creating new polyester from scratch 
  • Upcycled swimwear – Another way of reducing waste: turning old fabric into new sustainable swimwear  

Unfortunately, because they’re still synthetic, these alternatives will also release microplastics and won’t biodegrade. However, you’ll reduce waste and bypass the initial (and heavily polluting) production process.

As well as choosing more sustainable swimwear brands, think beyond trends and seasons (literally): keep your new swimsuit or bikini for years, not just one summer. 

11 best sustainable swimwear brands for more mindful summers

Now that you know what to look for, start from our favourite sustainable swimwear brands.

1. Woodlike Ocean - Econyl swimwear

Sustainable swimwear by Woodlike Ocean

This sustainable swimwear brand takes away from the ocean to give back.

They rely on Econyl (mostly made from discarded fishing nets) and for the sale of each product, they donate to the Healthy Seas Initiative.

Inspired by those moments of endless summer at the beach, Woodlike Ocean offers a wide range of sustainable swimwear in both monochrome and patterned designs.

2. Anekdot - Upcycled and recycled swimwear

Bikini by one of the best sustainable swimwear brands

This lingerie brand has a huge sustainable swimwear range too, entirely made from upcycled or recycled materials: perfect to reduce waste!

Fall in love with their nostalgic designs made for a modern lifestyle.

3. Kaly Ora – Reversible and recycled swimwear

Model wearing a swimsuit by the sea

From monochrome swimsuits to statement pieces, this inspiring sustainable swimwear brand will delight you with a varied range of timeless designs. 

And did you know that some of them are reversible? Yep. Whether it’s front and back or inside and out (or both!), it’s like getting two sustainable swimwear pieces for the price of one.

4. Aava Swim – Show-stopping printed swimwear

Model wearing a sustainable bikini by the beach

Were you also hoping to make a bold statement with your sustainable swimwear? Look no further!

This brand prioritises Econyl, vibrant colours, and creative prints.

5. AURAI Swim  – Digitally printed and affordable sustainable swimwear

Model wearing a sustainable bikini by the pool

This brand uses Econyl and an innovative, 100% biodegradable material.

On top of that, their beautiful sustainable swimwear is all digitally printed to save water and avoid dodgy chemicals.

6. ALOHAS - On-demand swimwear 

Models wearing sustainable bikinis in different colours

If you’re not in a rush, help reduce waste with this made-to-order brand.

Even though they don’t specialise in swimwear, they still offer a good range of swimsuits and bikinis in different styles.

7. Ina Swim - Sustainable swimwear for children and women

Kids wearing sustainable swimwear for children by the beach

This ethical swimwear brand uses Econyl and is OEKO TEX 100 certified (so, free from harmful chemicals).

Definitely a kinder option for both the planet and your little ones!

8. Piwari – Minimalist recycled swimwearModel wearing a black bikini by one of the best sustainable swimwear brands

This sustainable swimwear brand takes slow fashion to the next level: all their pieces are made to order, made to last, versatile, and timeless.

So, you’ll get to reduce waste and rock your new sustainable swimsuit or bikini for years.

9. RubyMoon - Ethical swimwear for social changeTwo people wearing sustainable swimwear while walking into the sea

This is a sports and swimwear brand with a small but versatile range (and making a BIG difference).

100% of their net profit is destined to micro-loans for women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

As for the environmental side of things, their sustainable swimwear is made from Econyl and free from hazardous chemicals. And to reduce waste even further, they encourage returns.

10. Mymarini - Sustainable swimwear brand for surfers (and more)

Swimsuit by MyMarini

This sustainable swimwear brand specialises in swimsuits and bikinis for surfing as well as swimming and sunbathing

They’re made in Europe under fair working conditions.

While they’re still using new synthetic fabrics, they’re introducing more and more Econyl pieces, too.

11. Lovjoi – Creative recycled swimwear

Colourful sustainable swimsuit by Lovjoi

This sustainable swimwear brand reduces waste by choosing recycled materials

They offer a good mixture of versatile, simple designs and quirkier ones with at least one eye-catching element, like bows and unusual cuts.

Find more sustainable swimwear brands on Project Cece

We brought hundreds of fair trade brands in one place and added filters (like Material, Certifications, Colour, and more) to simplify your choices. 

Of course, that includes plenty of sustainable swimwear, too! So, you’re BOUND to find the right one for you.

We hope that innovative materials with a lower environmental impact can become more common soon.

In the meantime, these sustainable swimwear brands showed us that a blend of creativity and genuine care for the environment can go a long way—even when producing garments that are traditionally bad for the ocean. 

Splashing fabulous, isn’t it?

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