Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim from Saywood.
Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim from Saywood.
Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim from Saywood.
Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim from Saywood.
Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim from Saywood.

Gardener's Tool Belt, Japanese Denim


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • MIL
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • LOCP Produced in Europe
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

Practical and functional, the Gardener's Tool Belt is the perfect accessory for your green finger gardening days. Carry your tools with you for easy access to those pruning secateurs or garden trowel, keep your phone safe in the button up pocket pouch, with button up tabs for looping wire or string. Each element of the tool belt has been designed for a practical gardening use, and a beautiful reminder for you to get out and enjoy nature.

This multi-functional tool belt can be used for all manner of creatives, whether you're a painter, hairdressers, artist; the handy pouches serve all manor of purpose.

Handmade from left over shirt production fabrics, as is Saywood’s desire for zero waste, in premium Japanese Denim woven by heritage artisans in the city of Ibara, Okayama. Our Gardener's Tool Belt is a little ode to our Earth.

Composition: 100% Cotton, Japanese denim

Made in the UK in the Saywood Studio by Harriet

Source: Saywood.

  • Female-founded
  • Plastic free packaging

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About the brand

Saywood was founded in 2020 by Harriet Saywood-Bellisario. As she beautifully put it: "The stories behind what you wear create that feeling of true joy when you get dressed each day, filling you with the confidence to take on the world, with the conviction that your most loved wardrobe pieces contribute to a positive fashion future, instead of the global fashion crisis". We absolutely love that!

At the heart of Saywood's story is a desire to reconnect you with the people and processes behind what you wear, and in doing so, press pause on throwaway fashion. Saywood does this through storytelling and by creating timeless pieces that you can rediscover each time you wear and rewear them.

Eco-friendly: Saywood uses materials like deadstock cotton, recycled cotton, Japanese denim and Supima cotton. They produce in small batches and offer mending services. If, after years, you're done with your product, they collaborate with OWNI; a peer-to-peer resale platform.

Local & fair production: Saywood works with factories in the UK and Romania for manufacturing and the fabrics are from factories in Italy and Portugal. These factories are all audited by multiple organizations and certifications to ensure ethical working conditions. As the factory in Romania increased its minimum order quantity, Saywood will switch to another supplier for future collections.

Vegan: as Saywood uses Codelite buttons, which are made from a protein from milk, the brand is not completely vegan. However, except for these buttons they are! 

Good cause: Saywood has a Saywood for Good Initiative. At the end of each year, Saywood donates a percentage of its revenue to grassroots organisations aligned with their sustainability goals. These organizations are Labour Behind the Label (an NGO committed to better working conditions for garment workers), Trafino/Forever Lung (an organization protecting tropical forests) and Solar Sister (an organization investing in women's clean energy businesses in off-grid communities in Africa).


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