The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM
The Shirt from TEYM

The Shirt


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • LOCP Produced in Europe

Short description

Nothing more appealing than a crisp shirt to complement every look in your wardrobe. Worn with jeans, fully suited up or open over a t-shirt: The Shirt must be the hardest working wardrobe staple out there. Made in Portugal from 100% cotton in a classic 80’s 2-ply poplin binding that makes sure to keep wrinkles out.

Source: TEYM

Classic details

Wrinkle free weave

The Nr.1 Shirt

100% cotton

Sustainably made in Portugal

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Consciously produced in Europe

Brand: Teym is a real slow fashion brand. Instead of working with large collections, Teym focuses on one classic at a time, paying more attention to fit and functionality, in order to ultimately arrive at a perfectly timeless piece of clothing. Teym’s mission is to make consumers more aware of their buying behaviour and inspire other brands by counterbalancing the fast-fashion chains, and offering a sustainable alternative with less, but much better quality clothing.

Fair Trade: Teym produces under fair working conditions and ethically make their impeccable and classic clothes. They take good care of their employees, trusting and respecting them and together they create a sustainable future.

Local Production: The clothing is ethically produced in Bucharest, Lithuania or Portugal, all within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: Teym’s clothing is made to last and all their fabrics consist of the same material to make it easy to be recycled. By installing solar panels, windmills and biomass from waste streams the brand wants to increase the use of green energy at their factories by 20% a year.

Practical information:

Shipping rate:  £9 in the UK.

Delivery time: 2-9 business days.

Address: Only has a store in Amsterdam.

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