Bonnie Decor Back from Troo
Bonnie Decor Back from Troo
Bonnie Decor Back from Troo
Bonnie Decor Back from Troo
Bonnie Decor Back from Troo
Bonnie Decor Back from Troo

Bonnie Decor Back


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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

If you've got it, flaunt it honey.

This little baby was made to be seen ~ she is made with beautiful soft lace with a gorgeous back detail to match, fastens at the front with a gold hook ~ she has adjustable shoulder straps to allow you to find your own personalised fit and features gold hardware and our signature tag. Handmade in the little Nette Rose studio in Cape Town with all the love, always.

This little baby was made to be seen - sie ist aus weicher Spitze mit wunderschönem Rücken, lässt sich auf der Vorderseite mit einem goldenen Verschluss schliessen ~ verstellbare Träger für eine individuelle Passform - mit dem unverkennbaren Nette-Rose-Tag versehen. Handgefertigt im kleinen Nette Rose Studio in Kapstadt mit aller Liebe, immer.


    • extra small (32A) is a 60-69cm underbust and 65-80cm overbust
    • small (34B) is a 70-77 cm underbust and 74-91cm overbust
    • medium (36C) is a 78-84 cm underbust and 88-95cm overbust
    • large (38D) is a 85-92 cm underbust and 95-105cm overbust
    • extra large (40DD) is a 93-101cm underbust and 97-112cm overbust

    If you would like more customizable sizing please contact us on [email protected] as we now offer a wide range of sizes

            Source: Troo

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            Brand: Troo is a beautiful, timeless, and sexy Swiss lingerie brand with roots in South Africa. Regarding Troo's products, we can say with absolute certainty that they are all made responsible. Troo has multiple labels that are all sustainable in their own way.

            Fair Trade: One of the Troo brands is Cute Rose based in Cape Town. Their beautiful pieces are made in Italy, Thailand, Switzerland or France. Megan, Faith and Yolanda are the hands behind the sewing machines. They start at 7 a.m. because they want to stop at 3 p.m. to have the whole afternoon. At 7 o'clock in the winter, it is still dark and cold, so they have a small fan heater under their sewing machines to warm their toes, while they work in the morning they can warm up with hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

            Environmentally Friendly: Most of Troo brands uses leftover fabrics and Cute Rose is one of them. Cute Rose use leftover lace from great designers and turn them into the most beautiful, limited pieces. Like that Troo is sustainable with their materials, instead of the fabrics ending up in landfills they are reborn and made into gorgeous pieces that feel good to wear.

            Practical information

            Shipping fee: £ 2,88 within Europe
            £ 3,41 Worldwide


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