Brand: Aagé

Aagé makes beautiful leather bags that are designed to last a lifetime.

Fair trade: Aagé works together with Italian Dani Sustainable Leather, an innovative Italian tanner who is always looking for the most sustainable production techniques. Dani ensures employees of a safe and healthy working environment and works on inclusiveness in the workplace in terms of gender, age and nationality.

Environmentally Friendly: Dani works to minimize its environmental impact by focusing on the efficient use of their natural resources. For example, the amount of chemicals in the tanning process has been reduced by using enzymes instead of chromes wherever possible. Also, all water is recycled to reduce water consumption at every stage of production. All CO2 emissions from animal hide to finished leather are mapped in an attempt to reduce them. For example, Dani participates in various reforestation projects to offset their emissions. A link to Dani's most recent sustainability report can be found on Aagé's website!

Produced locally: the bags are made in Italy, with the hides sourced locally in the area for the shortest possible transport route.

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