Brand: Arteli

The beautiful handbags from Arteli represent sustainability, style, responsibility and respect. Arteli wants to contribute to the positive development of people and the environment. Arteli has a strong relationship with a number of women in Usiacuri, Colombia. These talented women are the hands behind Arteli and make every bag by hand from natural materials. The women get paid well and the working conditions are pleasant. These women are often the head of the family in their community in Usiacuri and have a fascinating life story and their own mission. 

The raw leaves of the Iraca palm tree are used for the bags. These leaves are dried in the sun and then painted in vibrant colours from natural elements. After this process, which takes about three weeks, the women start weaving the leaves into Arteli's handbags. In addition to palm leaves, recycled material is used to finish the bags.

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