Brand: Blossombs

Blossombs is a Dutch brand that has colourful flower bombs with completely natural and organic wildflower seeds. It is quite simply to plant your flower seed, choose a nice place you want your flower to be, you do not have to bury the seed but you can press lightly into the earth. Then use a watering can to give your seed a fresh dring of water and after a few days they will burst open and you will see small delicate plants appear. It will take a few more weeks before you, the bee and the butterflies can enjoy the wildflowers but In short, patience is required until nature does its work.

Fair Trade: The Blossombs wildflowers seeds are made in the Netherlands with natural ingredients and organic wildflower seeds. They work with social workshops and daytime activities. 

Local Production: Blossombs organic wildflower seeds are made in the Netherlands.

Environmentally Friendly: The Blossombs wildflower seeds are organic, the flower bombs are made of natural clay and painted with natural colour pigments. They have a mixture of different flowers from Mallow, Poppy, Coriander and many others. Some flowers will bloom in spring and others in summer or even after. All their packaging is made of sustainable and recycled materials.