Brand: Corail

The story of Corail started on vacation, on a beach in Marseille littered with garbage. That day, the seed was planted to launch Corail with the idea of ​​offering sneakers that are truly transparent and ecological.

Ethically produced: The sneakers are ethically made in a family workshop near Porto in Portugal. Corail visits this location annually and can confirm that production is fair and that the working conditions are safe and pleasant. The materials are from France.

Eco-friendly: Corail makes sneakers from recycled material. 50% of that material is recycled plastic bottles collected by a crew of fishermen in the sea off Marseille. Corail pays these fishermen a fixed monthly fee for the material and they visit the fishermen about once every two months. The other 50% of the material is also recycled plastic from France. Almost all Corail materials are GRS certified recycled. Corail knows their suppliers and they are mainly located in the south of France.

Vegan: The shoes are completely vegan and Corail is a Peta-approved vegan brand.

Locally produced: The items are produced within Europe.

Good cause: Corail has set up a crew of fishermen to remove plastic from the sea. This makes the sea cleaner, and also gives the fishermen in Marseille an extra income. They can really use this, because the fishermen are being hit hard by the problems that climate change entails.