Brand: Cucumber Clothing

British brand Cucumber Clothing produces everything in London. They make luxurious nightwear, loungewear and everyday essentials using ultra-modern performance fabrics that feel amazing next to the skin.

Fair trade: all production, from design to warehousing is within a 5-mile radius of their London base, meaning not only supporting the local economy but fewer miles between each stage of the production process. This also means that Cucumber knows everyone in their supply chain, including the factory dog! They know that every worker is treated and paid fairly, and the team even get invited to the factory summer barbeque.

Environmentally friendly: Cucumber uses four different fabric types, all of which have some polyester in them, deliberately chosen as this adds longevity and durability to each piece. Some fabric qualities incorporate a volcanic mineral technology which is a completely natural process, and some use a mix of Tencel which is sourced from sustainable beechwood trees in Austria. All Cucumber’s fabrics work hard to dissipate sweat and odours meaning that their pieces only need to be washed when visibly soiled. Washing less means less energy consumption, fewer microfibres (and nothing needs to be tumble dried or ironed) and longer-lasting wear. The packaging is biodegradable, swing tags are made from recycled office waste and all orders are sent out in recycled and recyclable packaging.

Locally produced: Everything is made within a 5-mile radius in London

Good cause: Cucumber has been supporting several charities from the start. Currently, they support the social enterprise Women In Travel CIC, that helps marginalized women get back into the workplace and HomeStart, that helps families who are struggling with young children under 5 years old.