Culthread is a female owned and managed brand - the core team members are Rina, Sarah, Tara, Jessy, Nhi, Lua and Susanne. They believe in female empowerment and want to do their bit to rebalance past gender inequities by being a female centric brand, created for women by women. This is represented in their logo which is the Chinese symbol for woman, enclosed in a circle, the universal symbol of inclusion and timelessness. The brand produces each item in limited editions, sometimes as few as 15 items per colour or style. 

Ethically produced: the items are ethically made in Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam. The factory is small and privately owned, it is a family business. The employees get higher than the Vietnamese and Pan-Asia living wage and they work under pleasant conditions. 

Eco-friendly: Culthread works mainly with recycled materials, like GRS certified recycled polyester and  insulation from recycled post-consumer plastic bottle. Also the buttons are made from recycled material.  The faux fur is deadstock material. The production process is oeko-tex approved, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in the process or materials. 

Vegan: all items by Culthread are vegan friendly.