Brand: Fanfare Label

According to Fanfare the Label, we can use clothing to emphasize change, fairness and freedom. The label makes unique garments by combining old and new textiles.

Fair trade: the clothing is made in various workshops locally in the UK. The workshops are small family workshops run by women. Fanfare regularly visits these locations and has a good relationship with the makers and suppliers.

Environmentally friendly: Fanfare works with organic or recycled materials. For example, they use GOTS certified cotton from India and ethically produced linen with Oeko-Tex certificate from Belgium. In addition, they give new life to textiles from landfills in the UK by recycling them. The clothing is packaged in recycled paper and shipped in biodegradable material.

Locally produced: the collections are made within Europe, in the UK. Most of the materials also come from Europe.

Good cause: Fanfare the Label donates twice a year to A21 campaign and International Justice Mission, organizations that fight modern slavery in the clothing industry.