Brand: Fau Atelier

The Dutch brand Fau Atelier makes wearable works of art. The earrings add a fancy touch to any outfit. Each pair is unique and hand-painted.

Fair trade: the items are handmade in the Netherlands, from local plexiglass. The gold elements are made in a small family business of 10 people in Jaipur, India. Fau Atelier has not yet had the chance to visit this location but relies on the good contacts they have with the company and the owners.

Environmentally friendly: The production of Fau Atelier is very small-scale, all items are made by hand. Fau Atelier hopes to be able to use recycled plexiglass in the future, but at the moment there is no suitable version of this.

Locally produced: the items are made locally in the Netherlands.

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