Brand: Fifth Origins

Fifth Origins makes beautiful capes and accessories from natural materials in India. They strive to make every step in the chain sustainable and ethical. They don't promise perfection, but they do promise integrity. And they hope that the products will make both the makers and the wearers feel conscious, resilient and beautiful.

Fair trade: The label works with artisans from remote Indian villages to make all items by hand. These craftsmen receive a fair wage, work under pleasant working conditions and are flexible in scheduling their hours. The latter is also great for women who take care of children and their families in addition to work, or for the craftsmen who also work on the land.

Environmentally friendly: Fifth Origins works with natural and sustainable wool, hemp, cotton and nettle. Nettle is a sustainable, natural and innovative material from which textile fibres can be made. The wool comes from sheepherders in Himachal Pradesh, an ethical and certified source.

Good cause: Fifth Origins recently partnered with their artisans to set up a nursery for the children of the female artisans. The label considers it very important to be able to support their community where necessary and to make women stronger and more independent, also women of a less privileged background in India.