Brand: Hemper

Hemper is a clothing and accessories brand that loves the material hemp. It's their mission to offer innovative and regenerative solutions for the challenges of today's fashion industry. With their business they want to inspire a generation that demands sustainable and respectful consumption.

Fair trade: The process begins in the mountains of the western villages of Nepal, where hemp has been handled for centuries. In these villages, rural families grow and harvest it. Then, it is boiled to obtain the inner fibres that are later attached to each other forming the yarn. The yarn is taken to Kathmandu, particularly to a community of low-income families. In these families, women are in charge of washing the yarn and getting it prepared for crafting. When it is ready, using a traditional loom, the yarn is interlaced, forming the fabrics. Later on, the process continues in Budhanilkantha, where tailors craft the final product. The production of the products of Hemper are Fairtrade certified, so good working conditions are guaranteed. The brand is also BCorp certified, which ensures that it is a brand that makes a positive impact on the world. You can find their BCorp score here.

Eco-friendly: Hemper uses hemp as raw material, one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet. Only 200-500 litres of water are used to produce 1kg of dried hemp. 10 times as much is needed to produce 1kg of cotton. It is the plant with the most oxygen regeneration power, and high CO2 absorption. Contrary to many other companies that turn hemp into fabric through a chemical-intensive process, Hemper does this organically through a mechanical process that requires no chemicals.

Vegan: The items are vegan-friendly, and Peta-approved vegan.

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