Brand: Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk is a brand for strong and independent women. The clothing is timeless and made consciously from the most beautiful, certified organic material. Baby alpaca wool, organic cotton, and the animal-friendly 'peace silk' are a number of materials that can be found in the collection. This "peace silk" comes from a GOTS certified Indian project, where the silk fibers are only extracted when the butterfly has left the cocoon. The silkworms can, therefore, live their entire life cycle. This process is extremely labour-intensive, but it provides employment for silk weavers and their families. Another advantage is that it is not treated with chemical pesticides, nor is the raw silk cleaned or softened with chemicals, which is why the silk is all organic.
The Alpaca wool does not come from mass companies, but from small farms with a few Alpacas, which graze in wide fields and are shaved by hand. The products are made by carefully selected communities and professionals around the world, who are in personal contact with Jungle Folk. For example, the Alpaca wool is spun in Arequipa where the Alpaqueros (Alpaca farmers) bring their wool. The cotton is organic Pima cotton from Peru. This cotton is completely hand-picked, by 500 farming families who work together in a Fair Trade and GOTS certified association.

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