Brand: Know The Origin

Know The Origin (KTO) is a brand with a clear mission: to make clothing that is stylish, fair, sustainable and affordable. When they started it was said that it wasn't possible, but it turns out: Of course it is possible!

At KTO they are completely transparent, from cotton farmer, to sewing factory, to your wardrobe, every step of the process is fair and sustainable. The producers of KTO are in Bangladesh and India. After visiting more than 150 factories, KTO found factories that match their standards. The standards of fair pay, good working conditions and no child labour. To guarantee this, the factories where they produce are Fairtrade certified.

In addition to fair production, KTO is very committed to materials that are both sustainable and obtained fairly. 3/4 of their clothing is therefore made from Fairtrade and GOTS certified material. They use Tencel, bamboo, modal, organic cotton and recycled materials.

Finally, all packaging material used by KTO is made from 100% recycled material, biodegradable material, or FSC certified paper.

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