Brand: Mancelot

Mancelot was founded by 2 friends, Roman and Lorentz. Both in their thirties have young children and their own company. They wanted to do something to make tomorrow's world a fairer world and also to give (children of) garment workers a chance at a bright future. After a Crowdfunding campaign, which unfortunately they did not achieve, they continue with activities, but in a different guise. You can now support them by ordering a sustainably and fairly produced t-shirt!

Ethically produced: Mancelot t-shirts are produced fairly in Portugal.

Environmentally friendly: the shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Locally produced: the shirts are made in Portugal, within Europe.

Good cause: Mancelot is a non-profit foundation. They put their profits into growth, raising awareness about the clothing industry and supporting world-improving initiatives.

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