Brand: Marieke Eyskoot

Marieke Eyskoot is author of the Dutch book 'This is a Good Guide: for a sustainable lifestyle'. Do you want to live more consciously, but you don't know how? And can you really not put a lot of time, money or effort into it? Then this is your book. It is full of practical and positive tips in the field of clothing, care, nutrition, living, working and leisure and shows that beautiful and responsible can go well together. And above all that it is about good - not perfect: about smart choices, doing what you can and what suits you. With this modern handbook, Marieke Eyskoot, expert in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, makes green and honest living fun and accessible. The right addresses, beautiful brands, nice places, surprising facts and handy solutions – exactly what you need. Because doing something well and having it right at the same time: can it be done much better? 

Be aware: this book is written in Dutch. 

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