Brand: Nina Designs

Brand: In 1983, Nina was driven by determination to create a jewellery company that would give a positive impact on the world and like that Nina Designs came to life. Their core values are creativity, excellence, respect, teamwork, initiative and inspiration. Nina Designs’ jewellery will inspire you to find your own creative vision.

Fair Trade: Nina Designs’ jewellery is ethically crafted and made in Thailand and Bali. They treat their employees and silversmiths with great respect for they are a precious part of Nina Designs’ community. The brand pays their silversmiths by piece instead of by the gram and in return, the silversmiths create with love beautiful jewellery

Environmentally Friendly: Nina Designs tries to work as much as possible with recycled silver to make their sustainable and beautiful artistic jewellery. It is natural that most jewellery companies use a bit of recycled silver all though that is a function of economics and not greening. Nina Designs is committed to a positive world there for using as much as possible green silver (recycled silver).

Vegan: Nina Designs uses only silver for their jewellery making it suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Good Cause: Each year Nina Designs chooses one organization for a major donation and also issues microloans to women artisans. They have partnered with Trees for the Future and for every order shipped Nina Designs plants a tree.