Brand: Rare & Fair

Rare and Fair makes beautiful clothing and offers you a transparent supply chain. The collections are made in Thailand, where Rare and Fair works exclusively with village cooperatives, small family businesses and young local designers for production. Through these cooperatives, the hand-woven work of many craftsmen come together, creating unique products. Many of the local artisans work together as small cooperatives and register for the One Tambun One Product (OTOP) program. OTOP is a local entrepreneurship incentive program from the Royal Thai Government that supports locally made and marketed products from each of Thailand's sub-districts.

All fabrics are produced and woven by hand, no machines are used in this process and the only energy is manpower. Natural dyes are used and no fertilizers and pesticides are used in the production of our cotton. Most of the cotton is grown naturally along the banks of the Mekong River, where no additional supply of water, fertilizers or pesticides is required. Much of the silk is 100% handmade by rural villages, from raising the silkworms, unwinding the silk threads by hand, and finally weaving the yarns on the loom by hand.

Thanks to local knowledge and expertise, the natural dyes are made from regional plant species and added to the yarns using traditional hand dyeing methods. Each collection focuses on the different craft designs full of local wisdom and heritage from different regions of Thailand. In this way, each fabric tells its own story, which corresponds to the unique local culture of the community. By combining this unique local wisdom from the different regions of Thailand with modern fashion designs, each garment produced gets its own authentic identity and unique quality.

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