Brand: RB Organics

RB Organics is an eco-luxe beauty brand founded by the wonderful Moroccan woman Raja Benzaitar. Its products are made from natural, organic and entiry chemical and toxic-free ingrediënts and underpinned by knowledge of the centuries-old Moroccan formulas that Moroccan women have prized for years.

Ethically produced: their first product Elixir D'argan is entirely manufactured locally in Morocco, sourcing only sustainable ingredients from established rural and ethical partners as well as women cooperatives.

Eco-friendly: the products are completely natural and organic.

Vegan: the products are vegan and cruelty free. 

Supporting the local community: RB Organics has partnered with 2 local foundations in South Western Morocco to protect the Argan Forest and empower the local communities by dedicating 10% of it's profits to replanting Argan trees and actively contribute to supporting the livelihood of the rural partners.