Brand: Return to Sender

Brand: Return to Sender was founded in 2006 by Katja Schuurman, Tessa Vos and Maarten van Huijstee with the mission to achieve sustainable development through fair trade. The label aims to help women from developing countries build a life for themselves and their families.

Fair Trade: Return to Sender works with seven Dutch top designers who develop the annual design collection together with professionals from developing countries. Together they create a diverse collection with a special story. Return to Sender strives to contribute to as many fair jobs as possible with good working conditions and a wage that allows employees to lead a decent life. They pay all their producers a good wage (above the minimum wage) and work according to the fair trade rules.

Good Cause: The company's revenues go directly to the women who work at Return to Sender so that they can immediately improve their living conditions and also better sustain themself and their families in the future. Return to Sender also supports a good cause with its sales: Plan Nederland.