Brand: Susan Bijl

Brand: Susan Bijl is a Dutch designer from Rotterdam who is focused on reducing waste in a colourful way. Susan Bijl was already very busy at a young age with cleaning up to make her world more efficient. That, combined with a good sense of colour and shape, gave her the idea to design a useful sustainable bag. They want to use fewer products and take care of the things they already have.

Fair Trade: Susan Bijl only work with partners they trust. They produce ethically all their products in China. They are in close contact with the production facility and can keep an eye on the working environment and that the workers work in a safe and fair condition.

Environmentally Friendly: Susan Bijl sets high standards for the materials they use. The bags are made of ripstop nylon: a thin, light, but very strong material that is available in a surprising number of colours. Since 2019, the fabrics for the collection have been made from recycled material. They are very much focused on reducing their ecological footprint through their choices in food, lifestyle, and production chain. 

Vegan: All the products are vegan.