Brand: The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand was founded 10 years ago and is a family business on steroids (take a look at their awesome team page giving you a peak of the people behind the brand!).
The team is passionate about leather and the brand started as a way to increase social responsibility in the Indian leather industry.

Fair trade: Chesterfield works intensively with the Indian factories where the items are made. They have long-term partnerships (more than 10 years!) and visit the factories several times per year themselves. In addition, all factories have a SEDEX or SA8000 certificate.

Eco-friendly: Some of the leather that The Chesterfield Brand uses is still tanned in the old-fashioned way; using chrome. The brand chooses partnerships over perfection and hence, not everyone is up to par in terms of sustainability yet.

With around 80% of the collection being part of their ongoing standard collection, the brand doesn't feed into the fast fashion habit of needlessly buying new things. The items are made to last and Chesterfield provides you with all the tools to take care of it in the best way possible (or to restore it if you've forgotten to do so). 

Also nice? The headquarter runs entirely on solar energy and their entire fleet consists of hybrid cars!

Good cause: The brand supports various projects in India through The Chesterfield Brand Foundation; the idea is to share the brand's success with the local population even more. The foundation works together with a local NGO to finance projects focused on education and prevention of human trafficking.