Brand: Ubuntu-Wear

Ubuntu-Wear is an accessories and clothing brand with an urban style. Ubuntu items come from all over the world and are made by local craftsmen. The founders of Ubuntu-Wear give these artisans a stage with their brand. So by buying at Ubuntu, you support the local talents!

Ubuntu-Wear comes from the African word Ubuntu which literally means I am because you are. It is a philosophy for the coming together of humanity. Ubuntu-Wear believes in People before Profit, which means that all their partners are paid fair wages. Ubuntu T-shirts and jumpers are only printed when they are ordered, so there they never have overproduction. The ink with which they print is water-based, therefore less harmful to the environment. The T-shirts and jumpers that they print come from the brands Gildan and Bella and Canvas. Bella and Canvas has a WRAP platinum membership and therefore produces under fair working conditions. Gildan also says that they adhere to the WRAP conditions, but they are not a member.

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