Brand: Underlined

Underlined is a Dutch fashion brand specialized in powerful, fair, high-quality suits for women. The suits have beautiful fabrics and designs, which have been selected with care.

Ethically produced: the suits are made in a Dutch workshop. Underlined regularly visits the studio and is therefore well aware of the conditions in which the employees work. The studio is socially involved, it employs people with a distance to the labor market. It is a small studio with space for about 4 people. Some of the fabrics come from the Netherlands and some from Belgium. Fair production is also carried out in these places under Dutch and Belgian legislation.

Eco-friendly: The suits are made of Tencel and a recycled polyester mix. The buttons on the suits are made of organic material and residual flows are used, for example for the zippers. The ink used is water based.

Locally produced: Underlined produces locally in the Netherlands.

Supporting the local community: The workshop where the suits are produced facilitates pleasant workplaces for vulnerable people with a distance to the labor market.

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