Honey Merino Bohemian-Chic Knitted Swirly Midi Skirt With Lace Details - Honey from STUDIO MYR
Honey Merino Bohemian-Chic Knitted Swirly Midi Skirt With Lace Details - Honey from STUDIO MYR
Honey Merino Bohemian-Chic Knitted Swirly Midi Skirt With Lace Details - Honey from STUDIO MYR

Honey Merino Bohemian-Chic Knitted Swirly Midi Skirt With Lace Details - Honey


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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • MIL
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • LOCP Produced in Europe
  • MIL Eco-Friendly
  • Responsible Wool Standard
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Short description

Experience Bohemian-Chic Bliss with Our Luxurious Skirt Honey: A Playful, Feminine, and Sophisticated Delight

Indulge in the allure of our exquisitely named Bohemian-Chic Skirt Honey, a true embodiment of its luxurious qualities. This captivating piece effortlessly combines playfulness with feminine sophistication and undeniable elegance.

Designed with a slim and graceful silhouette, our skirt embraces your waist and hips before gracefully cascading down your legs. The hip section showcases a simple, yet refined knitted stitch, while the skirt section steals the spotlight with its intricately embellished lace stitch. These delicate knitted lace strips create an airy and light appearance, adding a touch of ethereal beauty despite the generous use of material.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our skirt is beautifully knitted using one of the most opulent yarns available - premium extra fine Merino. Adorned in a stunning honey coloured shade, it boasts a wonderfully soft and supple texture, ensuring a luxurious wearing experience.

Experience unparalleled comfort with the elastic waistband and the inherent stretchability of the knit, allowing for a truly comfortable fit. The versatile nature of Merino makes it an ideal choice for spring or even cooler summer days, providing both style and comfort.

Pair this exquisite skirt with cool boots for an effortlessly chic look or elevate your ensemble with elegant ballerinas, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Weight-wise, our skirt weighs 600 grams, providing a substantial and high-quality feel.

For your convenience, we offer a range of waist sizes to cater to your unique proportions: S (79 cm / 31.1"), M (83 cm / 32.6"), and L (87 cm / 34.25"). Additionally, length options are available: S (80 cm / 31.5"), M (84 cm / 33.07"), and L (88 cm / 34.86").

To accentuate its captivating design, the skirt features a hem circumference of 2.30 meters / 90.55" in size S.

Crafted with care and precision, our skirt is composed of 100% extra fine Merino, a mark of its unparalleled quality.

For proper care, we recommend a gentle hand wash followed by a low-speed spin. To preserve its pristine condition, lay it flat to dry and refrain from using a tumble dryer. Exercise caution with jewelry and sharp objects to ensure its longevity.

Rest assured that our skirt is proudly made in Holland, embodying our commitment to ethical practices and respect for both people and nature.

Embrace the Bohemian-Chic Skirt Honey today and revel in its playful elegance, refined sophistication, and luxurious craftsmanship.


Material & Fabric
  • Yarn processing in Italy
  • 100% natural materials
  • 100% mulesing free wool
  • Made in the Netherlands

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About the brand

STUDIO MYR is a small independent knitwear brand by Miriam Lenarts.

Fair trade: Miriam's collection is knitted on a small scale in the Netherlands under fair working conditions. This happens in the Dutch knitting workshop Knit-it. The materials come from Italy. There, the yarns are manufactured by two family businesses.

Environmentally friendly: Studio Myr uses natural fabrics such as merino wool, linen and cotton. The merino wool is RWS certified, so mulesing-free and the animals are treated in a good way. The linen is grown in Europe, and the organic cotton is GOTS certified. Studio Myr also uses Pima cotton.

Sustainability is close to Miriam's heart and the clothing is therefore produced with as little waste as possible, according to the zero waste principle.

Locally produced: All clothing is produced locally in the Netherlands, and the yarns are made in Italy.


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