Chill Pink Turkish Towel from Chillax

Chill Pink Turkish Towel


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Short description

Chill Pembe Peştemal özel olarak tasarlanan birinci sınıf %100 pamuktan boyalı iplik ile dokunmuştur.

Kaliteli ve dayanıklı dokumaya sahiptir ve suyu hızlıca emer. Plajda ve havuzda rahatlıkla kullanabileceğin peştemallerimiz seyahat çantanda ve plaj çantanda az yer kaplaması ve hızlı kuruması ile muhteşem bir seçenek.

Boyutu: 88X160 cm

Source: Chillax

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Chillax is a slow fashion brand from Turkey that focuses on small collections that are made with care. They keep a close eye on how many pieces need to be produced to prevent unnecessary overproduction. Leftover materials are upcycled into tops, shorts and scrunchies.

Fair trade: The collections are made under fair working conditions in Istanbul. The employees are paid fairly, a wage that is higher than the determined living wage. Chillax is in contact with the workshop twice a week, which they visit about twice a month.

Environmentally friendly: Chillax uses deadstock fabrics. They prefer cotton, linen and viscose and avoid plastics like polyester. For future collections, Chillax plans to use the sustainable and innovative material Tencel. Because the items are made from deadstock, Chillax does not contribute extra to chemicals, water or energy consumption that are normally involved in the production of materials.

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