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At jewellery brand Ana Dyla they combine the natural beauty of gemstones with craftsmanship. By combining small-scale production with sustainable materials, they show that a sustainable jewellery brand is indeed possible. The brand has its roots in Turkey and therefore Turkish influences can be seen in the design, such as styles inspired by the Ottoman Empire. The jewellery is ideal to brighten up a basic outfit, and you can wear them in endless ways.

Fair trade: The jewellery is produced fairly in Turkey, in small workshops in Anatolia. Hatice, Ana Dyla's owner, visits the studios 4 to 8 times a year. The makers are part of her team, and are therefore also listed on Ana Dyla's website. Ana Dyla has also recently been B Corp certified with a score of 89.7, which means that the brand meets high ethical standards.

Environmentally Friendly: Ana Dyla uses only recycled gold and silver. Their gems come from Turkish soil. Ana Dyla only uses FSC certified cardboard and paper for shipping, which means the material comes from sustainably managed forest.

Locally produced: Production takes place in Turkey and that is also where the materials come from.

Good cause: Ana Dyla supports the charity Trees for All.

Vegan: Ana Dyla is a completely vegan brand.

Practical information:

Shipping rate: Free shipping in the EU for orders over €250, otherwise €6.95.

Delivery time: Shipping within 24 hours of order.

Address: No physical store.