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Brand: Bhoomi aims to break the norms of trends and fashion seasons by creating timeless clothes and accessories. They want their unique and eco-friendly clothes to empower people. The name Bhoomi means earth and with that in mind, the brand takes care of the people and the planet. 

Fair Trade: Bhoomi's clothing is made fair trade in a small family workshop in India, run by two sisters. A total of 15 people work here, including the two sisters as owners. Bhoomi visits this studio twice a year and also has regular contact via video calls.

Environmentally Friendly: Their materials come from two GOTS certified suppliers in Ahmedabad, India. Their sustainable materials are produced fairly and organically. Bhoomi's clothing is made from natural materials, such as organic cotton, linen, FSC certified modal and cupro. The brand also uses hand-woven cotton, a fabric with a low ecological footprint that does not need water and electricity. Also, they use only compostable packaging, for both their suppliers and customers.

Practical information:

Shipping rate: £4.50 in the UK. And free for orders above £90.

Delivery time: 4-5 business days.

Address: No physical store.