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Bigger Picture Clothing is all about people and planet. First of all, the planet, input-wise they do this by using 100% organic cotton, sustainable packaging materials and saving as much water as possible. Bigger Picture Clothing would like to significantly improve the living conditions of different groups of people in a sustainable way. Not in the form of a one-off gift, but by creating a structure that can be built on. 100% transparency is important. The consumer gets images of the impact that has been realized with the purchase, which triggers a flow of positivity within the organization.

Ethically produced: Bigger Picture clothing is fairly made in Portugal. They have visited the production location and can confirm that production takes place here in safe and clean conditions and that the employees receive a living wage. The production site was built 4-5 years ago and is very modern. Solar panels are located on the roof, with which a part of the production process is also provided. There is a large amount of daylight in the factory. In 2022, the Bigger Picture team wants to return to make a transparent report with the producer, so that their customers can also see exactly how and where their products are made.

Eco-friendly: from 2022 all items will be made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, so that the cotton producer also works under fair conditions. The packaging is made from compostable shipping bags, free of plastic. 

Locally produced: The items are made in Portugal, within Europe.

Good cause: Donations and social aspects are at the heart of Bigger Picture Clothing. By purchasing each product, the customer supports a previously communicated goal. Think of water scarcity in Ethiopia & Tanzania, sunscreen production for an alpinist community in Abidjan, or education in The Gambia. Bigger Picture works with small to medium-sized organizations. They have an overarching collaboration with MadeBlueNL, the Albinism in Africa Foundation and Kans voor Gambia.

Practical information:

Shipping rate:  €3.95 in Germany, and € 5,95 in most of the EU and the UK.

Delivery time: 2-10 business days.

Address: No physical store.