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Floria Collective wants to make people and the planet flourish. This slow fashion label creates high-quality designs with a timeless character for modern and conscious women. Transparency is extremely important to Floria Collective, which is why they give complete insight into their supply chain on their website.

Fair trade: The clothing is produced in Portugal and Italy. The factory in Portugal is regularly audited by SEDEX, via the ethical audits they perform. In their last audit, they scored very high, ensuring good working conditions. 

The factory in Italy is a small second-generation family business with only 16 people working for them. Floria Collective makes sure that the working conditions good there and visits every 6 months, or has their product development partner visit.

Environmentally friendly: Floria Collective only uses sustainable, natural materials. The cotton materials that they use are partially made from GRS certified recycled cotton, and partially from OCS certified organic cotton. The materials usually consist of 70% organic, and 30% recycled cotton. They also use merino wool which is RWS certified, which means that the farmers have a high standard for animal welfare. Lastly, they use some deadstock materials for the lining of their jackets.

Locally produced: The final product is made in Italy and Portugal. The certified cotton materials are sourced from India, and the wool is sourced from Australia, and spun into yarn in Bulgaria.

Practical information:

Shipping rate:

  • In the Netherlands €4,95 and free for orders over €100.
  • In Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany €7,95, and €4,95 for orders over €100.
  • In other EU countries €14,95, and €9,95 for orders over €100. 

Delivery time: 1-7 days depending on the country.

Address: No physical store.