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Brand: Honest Basics is aware of the environmental impact that clothing can have and that is why they work only with GOTS certified factories and use sustainable materials. Their mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone by making basics that everyone needs.

Fair Trade: Honest Basics clothing is produced in Bangladesh and India through their own sustainable production agency: the Honest Agency. The factory is GOTS certified, which indicates that the factory works under safe and healthy working conditions and provides living wages. Honest Basics visits the factory once a year to see this with its own eyes. Within the factory, different people are working with different tasks, who receive a different wage per task. The lowest wage that is paid is higher than the minimum wage in Bangladesh, but it is not generous. 

Local Production: The clothing is produced in Bangladesh and India.

Environmentally Friendly: Honest Basics makes beautiful basics from GOTS certified sustainable materials such as organic cotton which need less water than normal cotton. They are currently in the process of becoming fully circular and analyzing how much CO2 there is in the cycle of a garment to reduce this amount.

Good Cause: To do something extra and support their employees, campaigns are often organized: for example, food or clothing is distributed around the national holidays.

Practical information:

Shipping rate:

  • € 3, and free above € 30: Germany (zone 0)
  • € 6, and free above € 80: Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark (zone 1)
  • € 8, and free above € 120: France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Czech Republic (zone 2)
  • € 10, and free above € 150: Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia (zone 3).

Delivery time: 

  • zone 0: 2-3 business days.
  • zone 1: 3-5 business days.
  • zone 2: 5-7 business days.
  • zone 3: 5-10 business days.

Address: No physical store