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WeAreLabeless is an Indian women-centric clothing brand. At WeAreLabeless they strive to create a transparent supply chain, where the people who make your clothes are really visible and are treated well. WeAreLabeless clothing is made by women who are brought from distressed areas. The brand gives them a job for a good wage so that they can rehabilitate and build a new life. WeAreLabeless also focuses on sustainable and zero-waste production.

Fair trade: WeAreLabeless clothing is made in New Delhi, India. There they work in a small studio with good working conditions with normal working hours. The employees earn above a living wage. The design of the clothes and the production of the clothes are all done in the same room so they have a very good view of the working conditions.

Environmentally friendly: WeAreLabeless clothing is mainly made of handloom cotton that is purchased a mile away from them. All materials are sourced locally, which saves CO2 emissions and supports the local community. They also use 'peace silk' (animal-friendly silk) and coconut for the buttons. In addition, WeAreLabeless works zero-waste as much as possible. New products are made from the smallest remains to create as little waste as possible.

Good cause: WeAreLabeless helps women from distressed areas and give them a good job, where they not only receive a good salary but are also treated with dignity. The label is also committed to education about zero-waste and gives people workshops on how to deal with their broken clothes and scraps of fabric.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: £10.61 to the UK

Import taxes and duties: Products are shipped from India, it is, therefore, possible that you'll need to pay import taxes or duties upon arrival of your purchase.

Delivery time: The products are made-to-order in India, this takes 6-7 business days. It takes 4-5 business days to deliver the order.

Address: No physical store.

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