ZWAAN is the label of Dutch designer Lara Zwaan. She makes cool and comfortable designs that are meant for every day wear. With ZWAAN you’ll find all-time classics with a twist, made with sustainable material in an ethical and very local way. 

Fair trade: All the clothing from ZWAAN is made by Lara herself. She designs the clothes, makes the patterns, sews the clothes together and converts them to different sizes. She can therefore assure you that the clothing is made completely fair trade. 

Environmentally friendly: The clothing that Lara makes is Made-to-order. Therefore, she never makes to much, you can the clothing made to exactly your size,  and she is never stuck with overstock. The materials that Lara uses is a combination of GOTS certified materials that she purchases. This is organic materials which is produced under fair and sustainable conditions. She also makes clothing from leftovers, which she sometimes finds and sometimes receives as a gift to make something beautiful. She then makes beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from these leftovers.

Local: All the clothing from ZWAAN is made locally in the Netherlands.

Practical information:

Shipping rate:  £6.90 in the UK

Delivery time: 7 business days

Address: No physical store.

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